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Have confidence in your digital data. Keep data quality under control.

Test all your tracking mechanisms in a few clicks across all your sites and mobile applications.

They impact the day-to-day of the Data team.

Testing of the tagging plan

It takes up time and demands too much manpower

Regular tracking regressions

Due to changes in the site and side effects of releases

Data reliability

And the ever-challenging subject of web analysis


Before seenaptic, ensuring the quality of our data was very time-consuming for our team and we could only achieve incomplete results.

Since deploying seenaptic, our delivery has improved in terms of quality and efficiency: ensuring the non-regression of tracking has become much simpler and it is easier to communicate with the QA team.

Marion Poulinet - Digital Analyst at Fairmont

Reduce the time to test your tagging plan by up to 95%.

You’ll spend less time testing the tagging plan for your websites and applications, and you’ll be able to intervene more quickly in the event of anomalies.
With all this time saved, your teams will find more meaning in their missions as they’ll be able to focus more on the bigger picture of tracking strategy.
Web analyses will be based on monitored and reliable data. Give your teams peace of mind!

Jusqu’à 95% de temps économisé

Monitor and improve the quality of your data in 3 steps.

Définissez ce que vous voulez contrôler

Define what you want to test

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Programmez vos tests automatisés

Schedule your automated tests

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Suivez le niveau de qualité de votre data

Monitor the quality of your data

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Finally⁠—reliable and actionable data.

By monitoring all your web and mobile tracking, you’ll be able to better manage the tags present on your site as well as gain visibility into the collection of your data. You’ll enjoy real data quality and governance and finally be able to drive your business forward with trustworthy data.

Ready to automate the testing of your tagging plan?

Assure the ROI for your MarTech investments and campaigns.

our UX analytics tools, A/B testing, and media and acquisition campaigns are designed to improve conversion on your website. To achieve this, they rely on the data that is collected from your website traffic. By monitoring the quality of your data with seenaptic, you will secure your MarTech investments.
Your business decisions will be more relevant when they are based on reliable data. This results in a higher ROI for your marketing and media campaigns.


seenaptic is compatible with your Data and MarTech stacks.

Digital Analytics UX Analytics

A/B Testing Personalization



Media platforms

Customer review marketing tags, chat,


Stop using non-regression testing tools and other home-made solutions.

Alternative tools are not effective for auditing your tagging plan. They require too much time for development and configuration, which translates to higher costs.
Ultimately, their scope of monitoring is lower than what can be achieved with a dedicated tool, and they don’t come with any support or expertise offered by the publisher.

Audit your tracking with just a few clicks.

seenaptic governance quickly provides you with an initial overview of your analytics and web tracking.
Implement an iterative strategy to monitor your tagging plan. Start with journeys and key variables, then gradually expand the scope of your tests.


more than just a tool!

A dedicated team and a network of partners, including analytics agencies and independent consultants, to guide and support you in your data quality improvement initiatives.


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