100% of your tracking in check.

Monitor all of your tracking mechanisms, across your entire digital presence and throughout all your production processes. Ensure the reliability of your tagging plan for now and forever.

Test your data layers.

The firing of your tags often relies on your data layer. As a first measure, check that it is properly implemented and present on your pages regardless of your Tag Management tool.

Next, check the presence of the variables as well as the consistency of their values.

Analysez l’ensemble des tags

Analyze all the tags on your websites and mobile applications.

Ensure that all analytics, media, and marketing tags are firing correctly, and that the variables and values they generate are consistent.

Are you sure you’re aware of all the tags present on your pages? First, second, and third-level tags—access an overview of all the tags that are firing on your sites and apps.

Automate the testing of your tracking measures

Improve data quality

Reduce the time it takes to test your tagging plan

Receive alerts in the event of a tracking anomaly

Integrate 100% of your pages in your tracking audits.

Audit the data layers and tags for all your content pages, forms, authentication paths, checkout, and landing pages.

If an anomaly is detected, you’ll be able to see how many of your pages are affected as well as where the anomaly originated from. From there, you can prioritize your corrective actions.

Intégrez 100% de vos pages à vos tests
Etendez le contrôle de la Data quality

Extend data quality control to all your sites and apps.

Do you have shared tagging standards for all your sites, as well as specific tagging measures according to your different brands and countries ? Create a mutual model for testing your different tagging plans with seenaptic.

Ensure true data quality and data governance across your organization.

seenaptic—how does it work?

Monitor your tracking throughout your production process.

Data quality is important, starting from your testing environment. Ensure that your tagging plan is respected across all your environments: testing, verification and validation, pre-production, production.

Be proactive and secure your production releases. Detect tagging anomalies before they negatively impact the quality of your data.

Contrôlez votre tracking
Testez 1001 cas d’usages

Test 1001 use cases.

Would you like to monitor data collection on mobile? In a logged-in environment? To see which tags are triggered when a user refuses cookies? The firing of tags and the values of your data layer depend on the user.

Configure your automated tests according to your tagging objectives, the KPIs you wish to track for web analysis, and your obligations in terms of GDPR compliance.

Audit compliance with your tagging plan according to different use cases.

Ready to get your data quality under control?

Stable tracking

ROI on MarTech tools

Reliability of web analysis

Validation of marketing campaign performance