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Your compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy is continuously monitored

Regularly and automatically test your users' consent to tags and cookies and protect their personal data.

Being GDPR Compliant means

Maîtriser les cookies et -traceurs sur votre site

Monitoring the cookies and tags on your website

Protéger les données -personnelles de vos -internautes

Protecting your visitors' personal data

Assurer le respect du -consentement utilisateur

Ensuring compliance with user consent

Valider le bon -fonctionnement de votre -CMP

Validating the performance of your CMP

Get a clear and comprehensive overview of your data quality.

Monitor your compliance level through the compliance score.

Quickly visualize any deteriorations at a glance.

Ensure you always align with regulatory standards.

Monitoring all trackers present on your sites and apps.

Respect CNIL requirements which require that you disclose all tags present on your site as well as their purpose.

Thanks to our automated tests, you can monitor ALL trackers firing on your pages. Go one step further by preventing incidents of piggybacking and data leaks.

La cartographie de tags pour une meilleure visibilité

Keep tabs on the cookies present on your pages.

Ensuring your site complies with the ePrivacy Directive implies the proper management of your cookies. First-Party or Third-Party—we analyze all cookies deposited across your digital presence.

Identify the tag at the cookie’s origin site and verify that its lifespan does not exceed the legal limit of 13 months.

Seenaptic Privacy is also

Des tests automatisés illimités

Unlimited automated tests

Complex scenarios (add to cart, login...)

Un accompagnement par un CSM tout au long du projet

Support from a CSM throughout the project

Soyez alerté en cas d’anomalie de tracking

Email, SMS and slack alerts

Web & app environment

Control history

Ensure that you respect user consent.

There are as many consent choices as there are users.

Your web visitors have the right to refuse any tags and cookies. They may also opt for a partial agreement according to the intention of the vendors.

Whatever the user chooses, make sure to always respect their consent with seenaptic.

Also check that no tag or cookie is triggered when your visitor arrives and before they have made their choices concerning consent.

Assurer respect utilisateur
seenaptic - protection des données utilisateurs

Respect the ePrivacy Directive. Protect the personal data of your users.

Verify the data collected by tags.

Ensure that no third party is collecting personal data illicitly, and validate your compliance with ePrivacy regulations.

Show your users that the protection of their personal data is a top priority, and strengthen your bond of trust with them.

Ready to continuously monitor your GDPR compliance?

Validate that all personal data remains within the European Union.

The GDPR requires that all personal data that is collected from your users during their visit to your site or mobile application does not leave the European Union. Make sure this is the case with seenaptic.

Évitez les fuites de données utilisateurs et assurez votre conformité avec le RGPD
seenaptic - protection des données utilisateurs

Ensure your CMP is properly configured.

Your CMP is used to orchestrate the firing of tags as well as the deposit of cookies on your site according to the consent of your visitors.

Updates to your site, the development of new features, the addition of new vendors, etc.

Monitor the activity of your CMP over time and validate its configuration across your entire digital presence.

Features to support you in your compliance initiatives.

Cartographie des tags

Tag mapping

Arbre de déclenchement

Piggybacking detection

Audit des cookies tiers​

Audit of cookies and their lifetime

Détection des transferts

Detection of personal data transfers

Identification des pays de transferts​

Identification of data transfers to third countries

Monitoring de CMP​

CMP monitoring

Contrôle du respect du consentement internaute​

Control measures to respect user consent

Downloadable compliance report

Stay responsive in case of CNIL audits

With seenaptic Privacy, your DPO can easily generate a report showcasing your compliance status.

If corrections are needed, they can promptly provide evidence before and after fixes.

Ready to get your data quality under control?

La sérénité de vos équipes n’a pas de prix ​

Your team's peace of mind is priceless

Des anomalies plus vite identifiées et corrigées​

Anomalies identified and corrected more quickly than ever

Un risque d’amende évité​

Avoiding the risk of fines

Votre image de marque préservée​

Protect your brand image