Our features to support you in GDPR and ePrivacy compliance.

With seenaptic Privacy, respect user consent and monitor all tags and cookies present on your sites and apps.

The compliance score

We’ve chosen 4 key compliance criteria: consent, sensitive data, data localization, and cookies.

Based on these factors and anomalies found on your site, we calculate your compliance score.

Instantly see whether your compliance is okay or if it has declined.

Control measures to respect user consent

In your interface, define the different scenarios for accepting or refusing consent. During automated tests, we will detect instances where a tracker (tag or cookie) fails to respect consent.

Alerts will enable you to quickly correct the configuration of your CMP.

Control of consent
Audit des cookies

Cookie auditing

We list all the cookies placed on your site. For each cookie, you can:

  • Identify the tag that triggered it
  • View the pages concerned
  • Analyze the values generated
  • Validate its lifespan
  • Determine its nature (first-party or third-party)
  • Detect the cookies placed before consent and their purpose
  • Detect the cookies deposited regardless of the user’s total or partial refusal as well as their purpose

Ready to continuously monitor your GDPR compliance?

Tag mapping

Our test bots browse your site or your mobile application to identify browse your site or your mobile application to identify. If a triggered tag is faulty, slow to load, malicious, or simply not listed in your repository, you will receive an alert.

Analyze the presence rate of your tags. You’ll know where on your pages they are present so you can prioritize your corrective actions.

Cartograpie des tags
Arbre de déclenchement

Trigger tree diagram

Knowing when a tag is present on your pages when it should not be is the first step. Then you must quickly determine how it ended up on your site.

Save time with the trigger tree diagram by identifying which tags are the source of piggybacking in just a few clicks.

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Detection of personal data leaks

Make a note in seenaptic of your users’ personal data that requires special attention.

In the event of data leaks, we will alert you.

We go the extra mile! During audits, our bots test more than 40 decryption methods to verify that personal data, even if encrypted, is not being collected by third parties.

Détection de fuite de données
Identification des pays de transferts

Identification of third countries

During automated tests, seenaptic identifies which countries your data transit servers are located in. See at a glance if a third party is storing the data collected on your site outside the European Union.

CMP monitoring

Your site evolves (updates, addition of new vendors, etc.) as does configuration for your CMP. We continuously monitor that your CMP is present on your site and that it is communicating properly with your TMS. If no consent banner is present on your pages, we will alert you.

Monitoring de la CMP 2

The compliance report

Right from your interface, download a compliance report with a single click.

This PDF report summarizes your compliance index and provides an overview based on issues encountered regarding :

  • Consent compliance,
  • Collection of sensitive data,
  • Localization of collected data,
  • Cookies placed on your pages.

Features for

Ensuring GDPR and ePrivacy compliance

Complying with the verification process imposed by CNIL

Avoiding the risk of fines