Let's partner! We love collaborating on successful data projects.

Let’s combine your expertise in Data Analytics and our tag management quality control tool to ensure the highest quality data for our shared clients and a positive ROI from their marketing campaigns

Our agency partners

Data agencies exploit and deploy Seenaptic solutions to increase their efficiency and improve their reliability. Theses partners are trained and certified on a regular basis to ensure their perfect knowledge of these solutions. We love to exchange ideas with them because that drives our platform’s development.

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Our technology partners

Technologies and platforms around tags are in constant move. Regular exchanges with our technology partners ensure that we are constantly at the cutting edge of their evolution.

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Tealium connecte les données pour que vous puissiez vous connecter avec vos clients
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Why become a certified seenaptic partner?

Enhance your value proposition for your clients.

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When you use seenaptic, your clients will be able to quickly validate all the recommendations you make to them concerning their tagging plan.

Use the most advanced tag management auditing tool on the market.

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Discover areas of data quality optimisation that were overlooked with manual testing.

Take advantage of new business opportunities.

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When our clients need a deeper level of support using seenaptic, we refer them to certified partners from our network.

Get exclusive access to new features.

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You will receiving ongoing training as the seenaptic tool continues to evolve and be invited to participate in our product roadmap.

Let's unite our voices.

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Our partnership also takes the form of joint communication initiatives: co-planning of events, white papers, publications, etc.

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