Quality KPIs and alerts to monitor and improve the quality of your data.

Monitor the quality of your tags and data layers. Implement a continuous improvement approach around data quality.

Data quality and governance.

Data quality calls for a continuous improvement process and should be subject to regular testing.

Thanks to seenaptic Governance, you can leverage our quality KPIs to analyze the stability of your tracking and the reliability of your data.

La gouvernance de la qualité des données
Des KPI Qualité adaptés à vos objectifs

Quality KPIs adapted to your objectives.

Are you an acquisition marketer who would like to test and validate that your tags are firing properly in order to measure and guarantee the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? And would you like to ensure that your leads are correctly attributed?

Are you a web analyst who wants to make sure the data you collect is reliable for your reports?

Are you a DPO responsible for the tracking mechanisms on your website remaining GDPR compliant?

Select the indicators you would like to achieve according to your Data Quality objectives.

seenaptic—how does it work?

Alerts allow you to intervene quickly in the event of a regression in the tagging plan.

Disappearing tags. Tags that don’t respect user consent. An incorrect data layer variable. A declining quality KPI. An alert will tell you where the anomaly originates from.

Take a proactive approach to intervention and ensure your web analytics remain reliable.

Des alertes pour intervenir rapidement
Suivez vos KPI Qualité dans le temps

Track your Quality KPIs over time.

Compare two or more tests to determine where regressions are occurring in your tagging plan.

Quickly and proactively detect deteriorations in your Quality scores. Correct the malfunction before it impacts the quality of your data.

Be confident in the quality of your data at all times.

Test and compare tracking quality between your different sites.

Analysis is complex with all the different tools being used, the organization and autonomy of your teams, all spread out across multiple brands and countries.

Seenaptic Governance harmonizes your quality indicators, making it possible to compare KPIs. You can rest assured your data foundation will be respected.

Intégrez 100% de vos pages à vos tests

more than just a tool!

A dedicated team and a network of partners, including analytics agencies and independent consultants, to guide and support you in your data quality improvement initiatives.


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