Seenaptic helps Accord achieve 97% datalayer presence on

Accord is a hotel group with more than 40 hotel chains in 110 countries. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts is their luxurious brand with the strongest digital challenges.

Challenges for the site

Client benefits :

  • +45pts Increase in datalayer score
  • 97% Presence rate of the datalayer

Data challenges for Fairmont

The Data Analytics team is responsible for producing reports based on reliable data that enable media and e-commerce teams to :

Assessment : malfunctions at the datalayer level impact data collection

The datalayer is present but can take as long as 15 seconds to load due to its dependence on numerous web services. It fails to collect data from the user’s first interactions with the page.

The datalayer is missing on certain pages. This blocks the triggering of tags and prevents data collection. It is difficult to assess the extent of the anomaly and to identify its origin. As a result, an abnormal drop in traffic is obvserved in the analytics tool while the number of orders seems “normal”. The conversion rate therefore appears as abnormally high.

Seeking to validate the presence of the datalayer throughout the entire site

seenaptic was deployed to test :

Logged-in and non-logged-in user scenarios reproduce the hotel room reservation journey in a pre-production environment. The various tests are carried out on a daily and weekly schedule.

The origin of the malfunction identified

“Before seenaptic, ensuring the quality of our data was very time-consuming for our team and we could only achieve incomplete results. Since deploying seenaptic, our delivery has improved in terms of quality & efficiency: ensuring the non-regression of tracking has become much simpler and it is easier to communicate with the QA team.”

Marion POULINET – Digital Analyst at Fairmont