Test your entire tagging plan in one click

Your tagging plan serves as the foundation of your collection strategy. While essential, maintaining it over time is no small task. Time to throw out traditional tools. Create a reference framework for your tagging plan with seenaptic.

Testez 100% de votre plan de taggage en 1 clic segment animé header page
Simplifiez la recette de votre plan de taggage

Simplify the formula for auditing your tagging plan

Do you check and test your tagging plan manually?

This process is both tedious and inadequate. Seenaptic was developed to automate the monitoring of your tagging plan by auditing your data layers, analytics tags and marketing tags.

Classify your pages by context for more effective verification

Tags are not necessary on every page, and they don't always collect the same type of information. Moreover, the value of your data layer settings can vary from one page to the next.

Seenaptic enables you to classify your pages by context (home page, offer page, product description, sales funnel, etc.) to make audits more focused.

Classez vos pages par contexte pour des vérifications efficaces de vos données
Des règles de contrôles sur mesure de vos tags et datalayers

Customised audit rules

Your analytics tag must be present on all product pages and pull up a "product_price" data layer variable. The value of this variable must also be identical to each of the product prices as seen by your visitors.

Configure your tag management verifications in line with your tagging plan.

Ensure that your collected data and your tracking are reliable.

The seenaptic extension

Accessible from your browser,
you can speed up the process of configuring the tool
using the seenaptic extension.

Notre extension seenaptic vous permet d’enregistrer facilement vos scénarios de contrôle.


Récupérer les informations nécessaire à vos contrôles grâce à l'extension seenaptic


Classez rapidement vos pages par contexte grâce à l'extension seenaptic


Managing your different brand and country sites

Your tagging plan may contain specifications depending on the site.

In the era of Data Governance, it can be beneficial to compare the KPIs of different brand and country sites within an organisation.

Easily verify all your tagging plans from a single interface.

La gestion de vos plans de marquage selon vos sites marques et pays
Une historisation de votre plan de marquage

An archive of your tagging plan

Your tagging plan needs to keep up with the constant evolution of your site (releases, redesigns, migrations, etc.).

Manage your tagging plan's version archive to stay as closely aligned as possible to your website.

Keep tagging plans up to date, now and forever.

Link seenaptic with all your marketing tools

TMS, analytics solutions, DMP, etc.

Seenaptic works in conjunction with your existing tools, as well as independantly from them, to verify the reliability of your collected data.

Associez seenaptic à tous vos outils marketing