Accor reduces tagging plan checking time by 95% thanks to seenaptic

Accor is a hotel group with more than 5000 hotels worldwide. Having best in class data quality is mandatory for them to achieve their digital objectives and meet their ecommerce goals.

Challenges for the site

Client benefits :

  • 70 000 pages tested
  • – 95% time to test

Data challenges for the Accor group

The Data Analytics team is responsible for producing reports based on reliable data that enable media and e-commerce teams to :

The challenge of making tracking reliable

The difficulty of enforcing standards for tracking alters the homogeneity of the data and complicates the production of reports.

Dependence on partners and involving numerous stakeholders in the data multiplies the risk of tracking issues.

The side effects from tracking following a release are difficult to identify.

A test cycle requires the involvement of two full time team members. This is a significant drain on resources and still does not allow for a proactive testing plan for tracking.

An automated system for testing tracking

seenaptic has been deployed to test and verify :

17 user journeys reproducing the checkout journey in a test environment.

The various tests are carried out on a daily and weekly schedule.

Testing for tracking is no longer time-consuming

Tracking is automatically tested in a test environment, so IT can focus on developing new features rather than working on fixes.

“Behavioral data has become increasingly strategic for companies; it feeds both site-centric data analysis tools and media tools in order to monitor and optimize campaign performance. The main issue concerning this data is to ensure its quality so that it can then be utilized in the best possible way. In addition to optimizing time spent on QA, seenaptic has enabled us to rethink our organization around data quality by putting it at the center of our processes.”

Tristan BRETON – Head of Product Analytics at Accor