Testing and monitoring tracking for your mobile applications has never been easier.

With Seenaptic app, monitor the tracking of your mobile applications in just a few clicks.

Le tracking de vos app mobile est stratégique

Tracking on your app is strategic. Make sure it's stable!

At each stage of the user journey, ensure that all tags and tracking mechanisms are firing properly according to the right parameters.

In the event of an anomaly, you’ll be alerted immediately even before the release is pushed.

Achieve the necessary level of data quality to ensure relevant analysis.

Manually testing and monitoring your apps is a hassle!

Until now, to validate that your tags were firing correctly, you would have to go through a technically complex and time-consuming process that involved the installation of proxies and authentication certificates.

With seenaptic, those methods belong to the past!

La recette manuelle du tracking de vos app est un calvaire

Put an end to complex procedures

Upload your APK or IPA files to your interface


Save your routes thanks to our recorder


Define your criteria and schedule your tests


Test the different versions of your mobile applications

Your users are spread out over different versions of your application (Android and iOS) and are not necessarily up to date with the latest version available on the stores.

Test and monitor all versions of your app to guarantee the consistency and reliability of your tracking.

The data collected via your mobile applications must also respect the rules of the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

Gain full control over the tags that fire on your mobile applications.

Confirm that your trackers are firing according to the consent provided by your users and be sure to stay in compliance with the ePrivacy Directive.

Be sure to also check server-side tracking.
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Monitor your app's tagging plan on real devices

Once the routes have been recorded, automated tests of your mobile application’s tracking are carried out by seenaptic, on real smartphones dedicated to this purpose.

With seenaptic, we make it as easy to test your mobile applications as it is your website.