Tag management quality and
the reliability of
analytics data

We are in the best position to speak to you about the importance of quality control when it comes to your Tag Management System. And our clients are in the best position to speak to you about seenaptic, its features and the benefits of leveraging quality data.

WHITE PAPERHow data can improve customer experience

20 data experts will unleash their secrets to build better data oriented customer experience. Get into our special "Data Quality" report and our survey about "Data collecting in a user consent era".

White paper " Data for cx " By seenaptic
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Our resources to
refine your
data and tag management culture

Improving your customer and visitor satisfaction involves collecting and leveraging reliable data.

White papers, infographics, etc. In this section, you can download our resources to help you understand just how indispensable the reliability of your Tag Management System and data quality are for your online activity. The improvement of your customer experience, the relevance of your personalisation and the optimisation of your visitor journeys are not possible without high-quality digital data.

Analytics consultants, web analysts, data managers, etc. In collaboration with our expert partners, we work for you to take on both strategic and operational initiatives, ranging from data governance to effective testing of your tagging plan all while navigating the regulatory conditions of the GDPR.

White paper " Data for cx " By seenaptic

White PaperHow data can improve customer experience

Lead generation, Conversion funnel, Customer Loyalty. Data is everywhere on a buyer's journey. Path to a trustworthy, reliable and actionable data is a hard and complex process that requires guidance and best practices.

The 4 major mimistakes Web Analysts make when collecting data

MasterclassThe 4 major mistakes Web Analysts make when collecting data

During this masterclass, 4 different issues will be covered to show how tricky it can be to collect reliable data. Let's see how it can be made possible to spare time and to focus on your tracking strategy instead of wasting time controlling and fixing bugs on tags implementation

White paper " Mission Data Quality " By seenaptic

White PaperMission: Data Quality

Data quality cannot be overlooked for improving your customer experience. From auditing data to its exploitation, including data governance and the impact of the GDPR, all the adventures of our Data Superheroes await you here.

White paper "Les secrets du Tag Management " By seenaptic & Netvigie

White PaperThe secrets of tag management

84% of marketing teams have at some point exploited incorrect data. 81% have settled on manually testing their tagging plan. Learn more from our study and the advice shared by our expert partners to improve the quality of your Tag Management System.