Respect the GDPR with seenaptic

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation requires companies to be more rigorous in terms of how they collect and use personal data. This is in response to visitors demanding more transparency in regard to how their data is used.

Respect the GDPR and protect your visitors' data with seenaptic animation header page
GDPR-compliant tag management

GDPR-compliant tag management

GDPR compliance is not optional

90% of all data collected online is collected via tags. Seenaptic audits your Tag Management System to give you total control over the tags present throughout your site.

Avoid fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of your turnover.

Take control of the data collected via tags

European regulations require that you are aware of all the tags present on your pages.

Piggybacking, linked to the presence of third-party tags, makes it complicated to keep tabs on your site's tags.

What data are they collecting? Which tag is responsible for triggering this piggybacking?

Take control of your Tag Management System to become data quality-driven with seenaptic.

Take control of the data collected via tags
Protection against data leakage

Protection against data leakage

Tags can be triggered on your site to collect data without your knowledge. These data may include personal information.

Prevent data leakage and ensure you do not transmit potentially sensitive information to your marketing partners.

Respect visitor consent

Failure to respect the consent of your visitors may lead them to quickly lose their trust in you, causing irreparable damage to your brand and significant financial loss.

Seenaptic checks that the tags triggered on your sites comply with your visitors' cookie consent with regard to data collection.

Ensure that your privacy policy is reliable.

Ensure that your privacy policy is reliable by checking your visitors' cookie consent complie with your tagging plan