Motoblouz put a stop to data inconcistencies with seenaptic

Challenges faced by

  • Data inconsistencies between the different analytics tools: Eulerian, Google Analytics and other partners
  • Several of those involved in the administration of tags (interns, consultants analytics experts, partner agencies) who regularly modify the implementation of the various tags, thus rendering the initial tagging plan obsolete.


Fully migrate from Eulerian to Google Analytics to ensure the reliability of the data collected as well as establish an exact reference framework for tag implementation.

Solution provded to put a stop to data inconsistencies

  • Make it possible to maintain a tagging plan that is accurate and up to date for the various partner tags, including Google Analytics, implemented on Google Tag Manager
  • Quickly identify and correct data inconsistencies/errors (discrepancies between the different tools used, missing or incomplete data, etc.). Example: Google Analytics implementation problem on the list pages after their redesign.
Solution provided by seenaptic to put a stop to data inconsistencies
A tagging system under control thanks to seenaptic

A tagging system under control thanks to seenaptic

  • Centralisation and harmonisation of tags implemented
  • An automated audit of the tagging plan before and after each production release
  • The possibility to do more with data collection thanks to the verification of data quality
  • Validate compliance with the implementation of various recommendations made by partners.
Lolita's photo from Motoblouz , seenaptic client

« Seenaptic has allowed us to focus our energy on analysis and action plans rather than
on trying to make sense of incorrect data or resolving errors related to our tagging plan." 

Lolita SAINT-MAXENT – Acquisition Manager at MOTOBLOUZ