Without control,
Data is nothing.

Without control,
Data is nothing.

seenaptic is the ultimate
solution for Full Stack
Web Quality Management 360°
Just breathe. Seenaptic is controlling for you
Web Quality has become an important point of interest regarding customers’ satisfaction.

 It is now inevitable to secure your data quality so that you are able to make the right decisions. One goal : Improve your business performance.
Seenaptic will help you finding bottlenecks or issues that may impact your business by watching all quality metrics that need to be focused on!

Secure your tag management.

Make the right choice and secure the ROI of your marketing actions.

Configure your tagging map to avoid issues that may impact your analytics data.

With more than 5000 tags based solutions available, find out the tags that are present on your website and check that they collect data you really want to share. 

Have a deep look into those tags reliability and understand how they may impact your business or users’ satisfaction

Rank higher on search engines

Spend less on expensive marketing actions and get cheaper traffic from search engines.

Check SEO best practice rules on several types of page. A product page may not have the same requirements as a home page!

As 91% clicks from Google are triggered from the first result, find out which pages are not optimized for SEO and get higher ranking on those pages.

seenaptic will give the best answers to get better ranking on search engines.

Reduce pages load time.

Detect resources slowing down pages and increase users’satisfaction .

Conversion rate drops of 7% for each second lost on loading time. Get alerts as soon as it happens.

Seenaptic analyzes web content so that it can detect any performance or elements weight issues. Keep an eye on how those metrics evolve.

How consistent are contents?

Don’t get bothered by bugs anymore!

Give your customers an optimal journey on your website 

Websites are changing all the time and it has become now a requirement to check everything is ok.

seenaptic automates any kind of tests on your webpages to make sure every content is at the right place.

No need to compare ! 

seenaptic is unique.


Tag, SEO, performances … All modules collaborates all together to dig out what is most important.
Place yourself at the center of your quality strategy


« Your SEO Score is 89.7% » is a useless information. Analyze your result on various types of pages instead.
Give your data a real meaning.


Run checks regularly so that you can keep track of the evolution of your KPIs.
Make sure any update of your website is not breaking something.


Configure seenaptic upon your test platform first. This way, you will be ready when production get updated.
Organization is a success key for qualtiy management.


Check your tagging plan or SEO rules on the fly and fix the bugs faster.
Time is Money.


Need help ? Our experts can help you to build your quality strategy, configuring our product and focusing on what is important…
You are not alone !


Nothing to install.
Easy to set up.
Make your life easier !


Build on innovative technologies, seenaptic was designed to keep it simple !
Efficiency. Not less.


Our mission is to follow and look out for any new standard that may be added to our solutions by major web companies. 
seenaptic will make you always up to date!
seenaptic collects.
seenaptic uses probes from different location to give the most accurate point of view on your data
seenaptic controls.
seenaptic checks data and computes a quality score.
You smile !
Smart alerts and easy of use will save your time !
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